[Live Poll] Large vs Small Dog Tags For Pets – Vote Today & Win!

Do you prefer small dog tags for pets or large ones?

Small dog tags for pets or large ones?

Recently we cast a public poll and the results were…


Today we investigate why everybody chooses the same thing.

Small Tags for dogs beat large ones for pets all day, every day and here at Free Range Learning we know why…

They’re important. Very important.

But don’t just take our word for it; Try the New York Times: https://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/09/21/the-importance-of-pet-tags/



These little things can help guarantee your pets safety should they ever go missing.

And all for cheaper then the price of a sandwich!

By simply attaching a small dog tag to your pets collar the chances of your loved one returning home grows more than you can imagine.

In the UK 5 dogs go missing every day without any form of tag, ID or chip present.

So this leaves 3 choices.

You could of course create your own…

By following the video below:

Or you could take the simpler route to finding custom small dog tags for pets that last a lifetime.

These tags come with custom engraving completely free…

24/7 customer support via Facebook.

And an incredible collection curated by one of the biggest social pet brands online!

And you can get them… FREE!


Visit Dog Tags For Pets on Facebook today or in store at: www.dogtagsforpets.co.uk

These guys have the largest collection of small pet dog tags for all occasions.

Choose your colour and engrave a personalised message for free.

And for a limited time only get any small dog tags for pets completely free of charge!

Give your dog a smile like this guy:


And invest your next sandwich in to your dog today!

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